About Punap Ugyen Wangchuk

Ugyen Wangchuk is an experienced freelance Photographer and tour Guide. With a track record of two decades, he has successfully led photography tours, provided cultural insights, and guided trekking expeditions.

Whether you’re interested in exploring Bhutan’s vibrant culture or embarking on a thrilling trekking adventure, Punap Ugyen Wangchuk is the ideal person to reach out to. His extensive knowledge of Bhutan ensures that you’ll have an unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences.

“Photography & Guiding is my profession & Passion” said Punap Ugyen Wangchuk.


Culture & Tradition

Bhutan embraces its unique cultural heritage, rooted in Buddhism and ancient traditions. The Bhutanese people deeply value their customs, which shape their way of life. Visitors to Bhutan have the opportunity to experience a vibrant and preserved culture that sets the country apart.


Bhutan, with its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is a great place for portrait photography. You can capture portraits against the backdrop of traditional Bhutanese architecture, such as colorful temples and monasteries. The country’s diverse natural landscapes, like mountains and valleys, offer breathtaking settings. Traditional Bhutanese attire adds a cultural touch to your portraits. Festivals and local daily life provide opportunities for capturing vibrant and intimate portraits. Remember to respect local customs and seek permission when photographing people. Hiring a local guide or photographer can offer valuable insights and access to unique locations


Capture the ethereal beauty of Bhutan’s landscape through photography. Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, this enchanting country offers a diverse and awe-inspiring canvas for landscape photography. Majestic mountains, verdant valleys, pristine rivers, and sacred lakes await your lens. From the iconic peaks of Jomolhari to the tranquil valleys of Paro and Punakha, Bhutan’s landscapes offer endless opportunities to capture breathtaking shots. Immerse yourself in this natural paradise and let your photography showcase the sublime beauty of Bhutan’s landscapes.

flora and fauna

Bhutan’s flora and fauna are incredibly diverse. The country’s lush forests house a variety of tree species like rhododendrons and pines. Wildlife includes the Bengal tiger, snow leopard, takin, and red panda. Bhutan’s conservation efforts, with protected areas covering over 26% of the land, aim to preserve its unique biodiversity. Nature tourism allows visitors to explore national parks and engage in activities like trekking and wildlife spotting. Bhutan’s natural treasures are a must-see for nature enthusiasts. while the skies are filled with the calls and colors of over 700 bird species. Bhutan’s commitment to conservation ensures the protection of its flora and fauna, preserving these natural wonders for generations to come


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“Photography & Guiding is my profession & Passion” 

-Punap Ugyen Wangchuk.